Art Exhibition


The Happy Pirates

by Gary Ng  

The Happy Pirates, which chronicles Cap’n Patches and his crew’s high-seas adventures, was created by Gary Ng with the intention of transporting viewers back to a time when things were simpler and carefree; where we could be anything, even a swashbuckling pirate! 

This whimsical and playful collection aims to put a smile on our faces and hopefully re-create the childlike wonderment we all had once upon a time.

About Gary

Gary Ng is an award-winning Art Director and Abstract Artist with a career spanning across Asia. 

His work is an intimate glimpse into his mind; it is an expression of his moods, his struggles, his joys and the inspirations in his life. 

In his recent works, Gary creates vivid abstracts inspired by moments taken from everyday living melded with fantastical imagery.

8th May to 8th June, 2021

10am to 6pm

Free entrance

Preview of displayed artwork.