Candle Holder Sphere Set "Cherry Blossom"

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• Can be used for air flower displays, as miniature garden or with a tea light as a candle holder
• Two holes on the top on either side allow heat to escape.
• Artistically crafted opening on one side in which to place tea light candles.
• Each candle holder comes with a handcrafted glass display stand.
• Made completely with materials sourced in Europe. 

Bullarum Glass Sphere is made from fire resistant German glass, where an individual artist uses free-blowing technique as opposed to the moulding practice used by massed-produced glass products. 

The resulting sphere possess a distinctive irredescence and refinement that can only be achieved by a hand made product.

The artistic process involves placing the candle holder in a special furnace where fumes from precious metal adhere to the sphere. The coating is permanent and we call our finish Aurora Borealis - after the stunning Northern Lights. 

The size is 10 cm in diameter with a solid loop on top for hanging on our glass display stand (provided) or on any other hook or string from a beam or door frame.


  • The glass at the top of this candle holder will get hot when a candle is burning in it. 
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended. 
  • Use of candles and candle holders is at your own risk. 
  • The product was tested and works with regular tea light candles. 
  • The decor is not water resistant.