Crystal Nail File with Swarovski® crystals

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  • Hand-painted with Bullarum quality paint
  • Decorated with 24 karat gold
  • Gentle and efficient treatment of nails
  • Extremely hygienic

Emery boards and steel files are rough, often leaving jagged edges on natural or artificial nails.  A glass nail file smooths and seals the freshly filed edges, which reduces nails’ susceptibility to splits and peeling, which is all key to healthy nails. Unlike an emery board which should never be in contact with water, glass nail files can be rinsed in hot water, washed in soapy water and sterilized by any known means. Being able to clean the file gets rid of bacteria and reduces the chances of nail infections.

Every file is individually hand painted with special glass paint and decorated with 24 karat gold that is then baked onto every file. Our files will never wear out and the paint will never peel off.

Lifetime Warranty

Each file comes with a lifetime guarantee which covers the filing surface. Bullarum Crystal Glass Nail Files are made from specially hardened glass that makes them extremely durable. If dropped onto ceramic or hard floor, they will not shatter into million pieces, simply crack (unlike cheap replicas).