Crystal Nail File

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• Created entirely by hand in Bohemia
• Decorated with 24 karat gold
• Gentle and efficient treatment of nails
• Extremely hygienic

Gentle nail health in your hands
Bullarum Crystal Nail Files seal the keratin layers together at the nail’s edge, leaving nails smooth & healthy, with no jagged edges. Regular, long-term use strengthen nails, reducing nail splitting, chipping and peeling, allowing you to grow healthy nails.

Extremely hygienic
Crystal Nail File is not porous like metallic or paper files and it does not absorb water with bacterial or mildew germs.  They can be rinsed in hot water, washed in soapy water and sterilised by any known means.

Lifetime Warranty
Bullarum Crystal Nail Files are made from specially hardened  crystal float glass that makes them extremely durable. The file does not crack when is used for its purpose and can withstand casual falls on common floor surfaces. However, a fall to a hard surface might damage it. Unlike cheap replicas it will not shatter into million pieces but simply crack. The abrasive surface is provided with a lifetime warranty. 

Bullarum quality
Every file is individually hand painted with special glass paint and decorated with 24 karat gold which is baked into the glass. It was created entirely by hand.