Q: What does BULLARUM mean? What does “since 1918” mean?

Bullarum is Latin for bubbles. The year 1918 is the year when our workshop produced first glass Christmas decoration.

Q: How are your ornaments produced?

All our ornaments are produced using a free-blowing technique that has been around for over 100 years. It is a technique that has been mastered for generations. No machinery is used during production of our products, just old style tools and methods. It takes upto 5 days to make each individual handcrafted item. 

Q:  What are your items made of?

All our ornaments are made of glass and are created entirely by hand. Most of our products are silver plated on the inside for better light reflection.

Q: Where are they made?

All our items are made in a family workshop that has been manufacturing glass decorations since year 1918. The production facility is located in the Czech Republic, a country famous for some of the best crystal and glass products in the world.

Q: What kind of paint and decoration do you use?

All our paints and decorative glitter are non-toxic, cadmium-free and comply with strict European regulations. All of our suppliers are from Europe only. For example, the paint we use is sourced in Germany, the hooks on our baubles are from Poland. We do not source anything outside of Europe.

Q: Is your production environmentally friendly?

Absolutely, we follow very strict government rules and our air pollution level and our “garbage disposal” is checked repeatedly during a year by authorities. You can contact us for more information.

Q: Can I clean it in dishwasher?

No! Dust it only. It is a fragile product and must be handled with care.

Q: Do you supply storage box with every item?

Yes, every product comes in a display box that can be used as a storage box or as a gift box. 

Q: How long will my purchased items last?

As long as you don’t break it - forever. Some of our decorations have been around from the year 1947. In fact, we still use some of the moulds that were first used in 1947.

Q: Can I order your items as a gift for someone? Can you help with Gift message?

Of course! It’s a fantastic gift idea! Where else can you purchase such a beautiful handcrafted masterpiece? We will gladly print and attach a Gift Message with your personalized sentiment to any order. You can include the message on our checkout/ order form. There is no limit on the size of the message and there is no charge for the computer printed gift message. 

Q: Do you offer wholesale opportunity?

Yes, we would love to talk about business opportunities. Please send us an email with more details on our Contact Us page.

 Q: Do you do customized products and how long does it take?

Yes, we can do bespoke products. Please send us an email with your requirements. Contact Us

Q: I was charged in Singaporean Dollars, but your prices were shown in my local currency. Why?

Our main office  is based in a beautiful city of Singapore, so we transact in SGD.