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Lucky Knot Mini Tassel Red

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  • Individually handcrafted using just one piece of thread
  • Popular as a good-luck charm during CNY celebration and as a year round home decoration
  • Made from rayon and Ice silk material
  • Length  +- 12cm (4.72 inch)

Lucky knots are rich in symbolic meaning and they hold sentimental values when given as gifts or passed down through families. In Feng Shui, the endless knots symbolise a long life without setbacks. Two Chinese words, “结  jié” (knot) and “吉: jí” (sand), sound similar to strength and harmony and the desire for prosperity, fortune, and wellbeing.

In five thousand years of Chinese history, knot tying is ever-present. It has been dated back to prehistoric civilisations and was later popularised during the Tang and Ming Dynasties. The art of tying knots continues to develop today as this unique craft is passed down and adopted by new generations. Historical researchers suggest that knot tying was practised in China even before writing.