About us

BULLARUM is a family owned business. We design, manufacture and market an extensive range of hand-blown glass decorative products. 

Our workshop, located in the mountains of Bohemia, was founded  in 1908 and produced mouth-blown glass pearls. In 1918 our first Christmas ornaments were made.

Traditions are very important to us. In today’s age of mass-produced, cheap and low quality decorations, we believe that something special, made with love, can really stand out.

We make sure that everything used (from glass to paint and glitter) during the production of our glass masterpieces is sourced in Europe and that whole production process is environmentally friendly. Our workshop operates under the strict rules of the EU and is inspected regularly by the authorities.

Bullarum is active in: Europe, United Kingdom, Singapore, South Africa, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and very soon in the United States of America.