Pineapple Ang Pao Ornament

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• Mouth-blown from German-made durable glass
• Created entirely by hand in Bohemia
• Amazing iridescence and reflective effect
• Packed in a Luxury box with 1 Signature hook
Ornament Size 8 cm in diameter
This ornament stands on its own and can be used for name cards, photographs or just as a table decoration around the house. It can be hung as a traditional ornament too. Simply slip your card or a photo in the top ring and you are good to go! 

The bottom of each ornament is not created by pressing the ornament onto a mould. After mouth blowing each ornament the blower waits for the glass to harden and then reheats lower parts of the ornament. The hot air is carefully sucked out with their mouth to create the final shape. We call the technique blow-back.  Only the most skilled person with over 26 years of experience is able to do it  in our workshop. 
All Bullarum products are made from lightweight yet durable non-lead glass with added elements of titanium and zirconium oxide. A combination of glass blowing, silver coating and modern decorative techniques ensures our ornaments are here to last for generations to come. 

All our ornaments are shipped in a gift box. Everything used during the production of Bullarum products is sourced in the USA and Europe. The finish of each item varies, this adds to the uniqueness of your keepsake.