The Minikin Family Set

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Meet The Minikins! Alex, Luna and Emilia

  • 3 pcs of handcrafted statuettes made from luxury plush material
  • Limited edition of 50 pcs
  • Packaged in a luxury brocade pouch and Bullarum box
  • Size (length x height): Alex 20x12 cm, Luna 13x8 cm, Emilia 20x18 cm

Polar bear symbolizes endurance, strength, determination, protection, and peace. Its white coat embodies invisibility, purity and acceptance.The bear is important to the concepts of feng shui. According to this philosophy, a bear represents masculine energies, and placing a figure of a bear in the home - particularly the main entrance - helps to protect the house and its inhabitants.

squirrel symbolizes energy, playfulness, balance, preparation and socializing. As a sun-loving animal, it also embodies passion, vitality, trust and an active, fun-filled life. In Chinese symbolism, the squirrel is rendered as the “tree rat” and hence has the same meaning.

An owl symbolizes intuition, transition, wisdom, silence, observation, quick wit, independence, power, intelligence and protection. The Feng Shui Owl symbol is a source of good luck, wisdom, knowledge and protective energies.  Owl symbol could be used as a shield against any misfortune.