Crystal Spiral - The Pirouette

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  • Handcrafted Glass Spiral with crystal faceted prism
  • Length 26cm, diameter 5cm, crystal prism 3cm
  • Packaged in a brocade pouch and protective box

This handcrafted glass spiral is the perfect decoration for any home or office. It charges the area around with positive energy and brings happiness, joy, wealth and longevity into our life.

When spinning, the spiral creates a mesmerising optical illusion of the crystal prism floating in the air. It is recommended to hang the Pirouette in a sunny place. Crystals are charged by sunlight to have the most positive effects on your life.

The Pirouette is great to slow down and dissipate harmful energy flow that occur in long corridors or in rooms where there are windows opposite the door.

Hook it on various display units, cabinet, window frame, ceiling fan, light fixtures and many more.